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Refill Bag Ring

Refill Bag Ring

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  • Designed for self-sealing smart trash cans
  • 10m of continuous tubular plastic film
  • Each count contains about 20 bags
  • Installed once, used for 20 days
  • Patented flexible packaging
  • Suitable for airdeer model A1 smart trash can


-Product Name: Refill bag (Refill Ring) for self-sealing trash can
: LDPE (Tubular Film)
-Length of the Tube: 10m
-Thickness of the Film: 0.005mm
-Inner Circumference of the Ring: 660mm
-Load Capacity: 3-4kg


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airdeer smart trash can/townew refill ring/process of  self-sealing/self-bag-changing

Designed for self sealing and self bag changing smart trash can

The refill bag ring contains a continuous long tubular plastic film that can be sucked out by the vacuum fan of the automatic trash can to complete the self bag changing. When the self sealing is completed and the packed trash is taken out, a new bag can be sucked into the trash can.

airdeer self-sealing smart trash can and its refill ring/townew refill ring

Installed once, used for 20 days

One pcs of refill bag ring contains 10 meters of tubular plastic film,which can be sealed and changed 20 times. If you change once a day, you can use it for 20 days

airdeer flexible packaging refill ring/refill bag/for self-sealing trash can/townew refill ring/animation

Patented flexible packaging for refill ring

Unlike other refill bag rings that use a hard shell, our products are flexibly packaged. The benefits are:
1.Lower cost, reduce the cost of use for customers
2.Can be compressed into a small volume, reducing freight costs
3.Take up little space, convenient for batch storage
4.No plastic shell, reduce the impact on the environment
5.Suitable for self sealing smart trash cans with opening sides of 15cm to 17cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Avery O'Keefe

The trashcan is absolutely amazing! As for these refills, it says that there are about 20 bags in each refill, and although the bags are small, I have found that they actually hold more than our traditional garbage bags (these are rectangular in shape and so fit the can perfectly without any wasted space). We have had this for 2 months and have only used 2 refills so far. very happy

Van Koss
Could be a bit more durable

The bags are a bit too thin. I use it as a diaper pail and don't let it get too full or else it smells. The real problem though, is that the bags rip quite easily. I've also found that sometimes when I go to take the bag out there is way too much extra bag that was pulled and cut off.

Lew Walter
I think it works fine for me I live alone so it takes me a while to fill it

It holds more than you realize

Sincere Keebler
There garbage bag liners what do u expect they do the job.

I like that the refill rings after we use the bags for baby diapers or random stuff

Christina Mohr
Changable bag rings very good

very nice and easy to install.

Lottie Hartmann
Great product

i bought the airdeer garbage can last year. it works as advertised use daily this was order for bags. if you need a smell free garbage can this is the product..