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Opens automatically and also seals the bag when full.

Sure it opens automatically like other trash cans. But it also seals the trash bag and drops a new one in its place after you remove the sealed bag. The bag refills have 20 each, you can get 12 or 24 pack refills on airdeer online shop. Has a power cord but also a built in battery so don't have to always have it plugged in. Works great in my bedroom, when they come out with tall kitchen size I will get a few of those.

Love it!

Love it! I purchased this for my 83 year old mom to use in her bathroom. She loves it!

Garbage Containment At Its Best!

It is so easy to use and the motion detectors work like a dream. The airdeer opens and closes by itself. And, at the press of a button, the garbage bag seals itself, opens for easy pickup, and it is so easy to install a brand new garbage bag clip. This is a product easy to fall in love with. It is seven months later and I am still so impressed with this garbage disposal system. Great job airdeer, I am a believer, keep it up!

Does what it's supposed to do and does it correctly

Cleans up the garbage can in your bathroom. By that I mean you don't have a big bag in a little container or a small bag and a big container. Also nothing spills out. When it's full push the button and you have a new bag. The only drawback is what are you supposed to do with all those bags you get from the grocery store now?

A bit pricy, but I think it was worth it.

I purchased the trashcan for my bathroom. I admit that the purchase is a bit frivolous. Spending that much money on a trash can for the bathroom is a bit crazy...BUT, money aside, I really do love it. I love that it seals up the bag so quickly and well. I love how the bag opens up and fills the bin without the puffs of air that can typically get trapped between the bag and bin. We've had it for a few weeks now and typically have a full can every week. It's still on the same charge and same bag container provided. A bit pricy, but I think it was worth it.

Best trash can if you don't need large bags

Soon as I saw this for sale I had to have it. It's very small compared to most "American" garbage cans. but for someone like me, who lives alone and doesn't actually use much trash, it's perfect. Price-wise, it is a bit more than you'd like for a trash can, but I freakin love using it and showing it to people. It's very minimalist and the build quality is surprisingly great. Refill rings are the only issue, but honestly, they aren't difficult to find for the same price as any other trash bags are.

Very responsive

I must admit that I have been using this garbage can for over a month. In order to give it a review, I wanted to use it first. I am prepared to go place two more orders because I have been so pleased with everything. I adore how it seems, how well it operates, how effectively it even blocks out trash smells, and how simple it is to clean and replace. Even family and friends have inquired as to where I purchased it. I adore it!

Best can EVER

Had for over a month now and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this can. It's convenient and modern I bought a second one. I hope to find a larger one. Not having to bother with taking it out, tying the bag and all of that, makes all the difference in the world.

Terrific waste bin

I received this as a gift and it is perfect. No mess no fuss. Everything is done for you with this bin. The lid opens up accepts the refuse, the lid closes, when the bag is full you press a button and the bag gets tied up your lift it out and a new bag automatically gets put in place.

So far so good!

Got it yesterday, using as a kitchen trash can. Did a trial fill of the can and worked perfectly. I have no problems with motion detection, it works really well. It does tend to close super fast, BUT if you just hold/periodically wave your hand over the sensor it will stay open.

For any room

This can is a must have in the office, bedroom, bathroom, frontroom or any room. It detects motion and opens up so you can easily throw away the garbage. It's super easy to install and will last bag after bag. It's simple to clean and change the bag and replace it

6 months of use, no complaints

I have had this garbage can for 6 months, I charged it overnight on the first day and have not had to charge it since. I just finished the first ring of bags, so that gives you an idea of how long the battery lasts, at least through one ring of bags, and longer. The replacement rings (sold separately) are very easy to replace. I plan to purchase a 2nd one

Best trash can ever, convenient, hygienic, easy to use, rechargeable, self sealed

I bought this amazing trash can cause one of my friends has one, she loves it.Well I went ahead and got me one, I'm telling you this one is the best invention since air conditioner lol, I like it so much, very innovative.One of the best things is that is rechargeable, so no batteries needed, then when you are ready to take your bag out, push the top button and it seal the bag completely, then put automatically the next bag out is such a good item to have, it makes life easier, is more hygienic, I will buy more; great to have in the bathroom. Very pleased with my purchase.


By far the best trash can being sold in the world at the moment. I had problems figuring it out so we had a rocky relationship but once I figured her out and we worked together a beautiful relationship blossomed. I love my trash can. Ask my girl friend. Lol but honestly I love this thing. No one trying nasty over filled trash. Literally I push a button it seals it I pick it up nice and clean and then it re seals itself and 4 gallons is a lot when you use the whole space. ONLY complaint is that there aren't bigger sizes currently. The second a bigger version of this exact trash can comes out I'll buying it. Idc the price 200,300,400 it's worth it. Especially during Covid-19. I joke and say it's the only reals. I haven't got it. ALL HAIL THIS TRASH CAN

Refill trash bags are so easy and convenient.

This system, is absolutely fabulous!! If you are ever in doubt about giving one as a present to an elderly person, give, give, give. Yes, it is aggravating to have the lid pop up if any object, like a skirt hem, happens to go over the infrared sensor. Mine has given me a few other glitches where I thought it had broken or stopped working. Giving it a minute to rest, unplugging it, plugging it back in, and once fiddling with the button, and all reset for continued use. It has withstood lots of use in one year, including the amazed in sections by the grands and the greats. Their entertainment was a joy!! If you can afford this trash can and its refills, you can't go wrong.


My teenage daughter has a regular small trashcan in her room.However it looks horrible because she's always putting away too many things in it and it overflows onto her carpet and looks horrific! So I was looking around for something that would hold a little bit more and also hide all the junk ! This awesome Smart trashcan is perfect for her room!!! Sometimes The motion detection is a bit over sensitive and gets inadvertently activated quite often. But that is honestly no big deal. This trashcan is durable and sturdy it looks like it will last for years to come. The fact that this garbage can is auto-sealing and auto-refilling makes it completely worth the $$!!!! Definitely perfect for a teenager.This trash device does it all for her!!! Definitely recommend this excellent trashcan


My product actually arrived damaged so I called airdeer. As soon as the seller heard from me, he called me and shipped a new item out to me and sent me a return label for the damaged product. An excellent 5-star experience!As for the product, the Airdeer Auto Trash Can is very fun and easy to use, we love it!

I felt silly but now am in love!

I received this can as a gift and fell in love. I said who the hell needs a can that changes its own bag??Then i used it. It auto seals the bag and makes bathroom waste much easier to remove. I don't want to touch it and now i do.No smell no mess no nonsense here. Buy one.

Super cool trash can

Super nice quality, well-made and easy to use smart trashcan. Has a cord to plug in the back to charge it. Once fully charged just remove the plug. Wave your hand in front of the sensor to open it. Once it is full remove the bag and a new bag is replaced automatically. Very cool way to keep your trashcan clean at all times. Super good price, makes an awesome gift idea, highly recommend.

Nice look and cooling feeling trash can!

I am very happy about my purchase, one of my friends bought this and she recommended this product to me, I was attracted by its nice look. And it's arriving to my home fast, easy to setup. Motion detection, auto sealing functionalities worked very well, I am happy with my purchase!

Very nice design with super helpful self-sealing function

This is the first time I use auto-sealing waste bin. I bought this product recommended by my friend and I have been using it for about a month already. I really love this product for the following reasons:1. It looks very nice. It's simple and modern design really hits me and it fits into my apartment nicely. It's better than my other regular trash can. It's year of 2022, why not try something new.2. Its auto-sealing technology really makes my life more convenient. It's just super easy to use. 3. Very reliable. As long as you don't put too much trash in it, it always can seal trash bag nicely and smoothly.4. It's cordless. Yeah, i can seal my trash wherever I want and whenever I want.

Looks great, works great, keeps my trash under control

I love this trash can. It really does hold more than you expect, and it corrals the garbage for you so all you have to do is lift the closed bag out. It's a little loud, but not uncomfortably so. A little pricy, but worth it because it makes me more willing to take out the trash instead of putting it off.

Refill Bag Ring
Avery O'Keefe

The trashcan is absolutely amazing! As for these refills, it says that there are about 20 bags in each refill, and although the bags are small, I have found that they actually hold more than our traditional garbage bags (these are rectangular in shape and so fit the can perfectly without any wasted space). We have had this for 2 months and have only used 2 refills so far. very happy

Good Product, same price as auto bin opening trash cans and its better

Really good product, wish it did not smell like burned rubber when sealing but it uses heat to seal so I understand


My 81 year old mother with Parkinson's wears pull-ups at night. She loves it. Now she can put it in the can, press the button and it's gone. No more embarrassing sight or smell. Totally worth it.