Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can the unit remain plugged into USB power during normal operations? That is, is it ever really necessary to unplug the device from a USB outlet?

Airdeer A1 can be operated while plugged. However, we do not recommend to keep the unit plugged in at all time because it may be harmful to the battery.

2. Is the hole large (practical) enough for kitchen use, such as sliding off food from a plate or pan? Looks like it would get all over the opening.

The item I have, the hole itself is about 6.7 inches square, the diagonal size is 8.7 inches, which is larger than similar products on the market.

3. Is it water resistant?

Airdeer A1 trash can is not water resistant, but it's okay to be drenched in a small amount of water, please pay attention to dry the infrared sensor window in time.

4. What are the overall dimensions?

Airdeer A1 trash can dimensions are 16.2 x 9.6 x 11.0 inches, with a capacity of 4.1 gallons.

5. Is there a larger size of Airdeer self-sealing smart trash can?

Right now we only have the 4-gallon size of Airdeer A1. But we will release a larger model soon. Please stay tuned to our social media and newsletter for the latest information.

6. Can you make a stand for this trash can? It would be nice to not have to bend down to wave open the trash can.

Thanks for asking. Actually, you can open the lid without bending down and waving your hand. Airdeer A1 trash can has the function of bending your knees to open the lid. You can open the lid by bending your knees slightly to touch off the sensor.

7. California restrictions?

Airdeer trash cans do not have any California restrictions.

8. Where can I buy second recharge battery for backup when charging battery?

Airdeer’s battery is integrated in the unit so there is no option to buy a separate charging unit. This battery is the latest type lithium battery, which can be used for a long time.

9. What's is the metallic odor that comes from it? It's never had anything with an odor in it.

The only odor I have ever smelled is when you seal the bag. You will get a brief faint smell of burning plastic. This is normal with any sealing mechanism.

10. I lost my charging cord or power adapter. Where can I purchase it?

Any power adapter with a USB interface, a voltage of 5V, and a current greater than 1A can be used.

11. When and how to charge the battery of Airdeer A1 properly?

When the trash can voice prompts "Low battery, please charge", please use the attached charging cable to connect a power adapter with a voltage of 5V and a rated current of 1A or more to charge. The charging status lights up red, and lights up green when full.

12. How to clean Airdeer A1?

Do not rinse or soak Airdeer A1 in water. Use a lightly dampened cloth with or without a cleaning product that's safe for ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material and then wipe the dirt or waste.

13. Does this refill ring bags fit the other trash can?

By using patented flexible packaging method, Airdeer refill ring is suitable for self-sealing trash cans with opening sides length of 16cm to 17cm.

14. What are the dimensions of the ring?

Its initial shape is a square ring with an inner side length of 170mm, an outer side length of 220mm and a height of 40mm. As it is soft packed it can be turned into other shapes such as round or rectangular. So the important dimension is the inner circumference of the ring.
The inner circumference of airdeer’s refill ring is 660mm.It can be loaded into a self-sealing trash can with a circumference of 560mm-660mm inside the mouth of the barrel.

15. So every time do we need to buy the refills or can we put any other trash bags?

It only works with Airdeer Refill Bag Rings. They can be found right here on at a very good price. You get 20 bags per ring. It's a good deal and so easy get.

16. How much does the refill ring (replaceable bag) cost?

Airdeer Refill Rings are sold in packs of 6 and 12 rings, each ring containing 20 bags, the price ranges between $29.00 to 39.00

17. Where can I buy refill ring?

You can purchase online from

18. Would the bags be suitable for used cat litter?

I'm not sure how heavy used cat litter gets, each filled bag can hold up to about 3.5kg (7 lbs)

19. Anyone use this for bagged dog waste? Wondering how it does for odor control.

It's mostly fine as long as the lid stays closed. Once it opens, the smell escapes. I purchased the Arm and Hammer trash deodorizer powder and that helps some. I don’t think anything will eliminate dog poop smell completely. A better way is to pack and seal the waste in time with Airdeer A1 self-sealing smart trash can.

20. How to change the bag refill / liner ring of Airdeer A1?

Here's how to change the refill ring: