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After working in research institutes and universities for 10 years, Dr. Lee founded Cheele Electronics Co, Ltd. in 2006. Based on the patent of broadband linear isolation technology, we research and produce broadband isolation amplifiers, broadband isolation probes and RF isolators.



Since 2008, a series of new RF isolator products have been researched and developed and continuously supplied to mainstream TV and set-top box manufacturers. Our customers include major Chinese TV and set-top box manufacturers, instrument manufacturers and large OEMs.


While researching and producing components to serve corporate customers, Dr. Lee and his partners have always dreamed of serving the end consumer directly and being able to use their knowledge, experience and technology to contribute to improving people's quality of life.

We believe it is the mission of engineers to improve people's lives with new technologies. We make continuous investment in research and development, and we have dozens of patents in the field of isolation amplifiers, RF isolators, and automatic trash cans, and new patents are granted every year.

At the end of 2016, Dr. Lee observed the trouble of his wife taking out the garbage and changing the garbage bags every day, as well as the hard work of housework, and an idea of researching and developing automatic bag-changing trash cans came into being.

At the beginning of 2017, we started the research and development of automatic packing and automatic bag changing trash cans.

In the middle of 2021, we started the production of automatic packing and automatic bag changing trash cans with Cheele Electronics in Hangzhou, China as the production base.

At the same time, we established Airdeer Technology LLC to sell our automatic trash can products to global users.

It is our most important responsibility to provide high quality products at reasonable prices to our customers worldwide. Outsourcing may reduce the cost, but it also loses the strict control of product quality, so we still insist on producing products by our own factory.